Who I am

My journey into the world of occupational therapy began back in 2017 when I started my bachelor's degree in occupational therapy. After a year of study, I took some time off to live in Canada, enjoying the beautiful scenery and pursuing my love for snowboarding. Once I returned, I dove back into my studies with renewed energy and completed my Bachelor of Occupational Therapy in 2023.  

Whilst completing my studies, I gained invaluable experience in diverse educational settings. For over three years, I worked as an Education Assistant in an Education Support Centre, providing vital support to students with diverse learning needs, as well as an Early Educator in Out of School Hours Care, fostering an inclusive and nurturing environment for children to learn and grow. These experiences allowed me to support children with a vast range of disabilities including autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, intellectual disability and ADHD. 

At the beginning of 2023 I was lucky enough to join the team at Spectrum Therapy WA and work as an occupational therapy assistant while completing my final year at university. Working as a therapy assistant provided me with invaluable hands-on experience and insight into the field, equipping me with the necessary skills and confidence to seamlessly transition into my role as an OT and a proud member of the Spectrum Therapy WA allied health team. 

My beliefs as an occupational therapist strongly aligns with the core principles of the profession of emphasising a holistic perspective, promotion of independence, and collaborative care. I am dedicated to enhancing children's functioning and quality of life through a strengths-based and client-centered approach. I advocate strongly for equality for all, and I firmly believe that with the right support, children can be empowered to learn the skills to engage in activities they find meaningful, allowing them to lead fulfilling lives. 

Outside of work, you can find me enjoying an active lifestyle, whether I'm at the beach with my Labradors or participating in activities like netball, hikes, and camping with my friends. I believe in living life to the fullest and embracing every opportunity for adventure and growth.