Spectrum Physiotherapy Services

Spectrum physiotherapy aims to provide support with mobility to improve function and participation for those with a delay or a disability. We work closely with you and your therapy team to identify goals, complete assessments, and develop plans. Services can be provided at home, at school, in our office, in community settings or online via teletherapy. Our physiotherapists are skilled in working with children and pride themselves on making exercise fun.

Spectrum Physiotherapy can assess and provide support with the following:

• Gross motor skills and coordination e.g., Balance, catching, throwing, hopping, skipping, kicking, jumping, and climbing.
• Gait retraining
• Balance training
• Hydrotherapy programs
• Stretching programs
• Developing fitness/ strength programs
• Neurological rehabilitation
• Learning to ride a bike
• Reaching developmental milestones e.g., Rolling, crawling, walking
• Plagiocephaly and torticollis in babies
• Caregiver and teacher support and education
• Equipment prescription (see below)

Spectrum physiotherapy has experience in the prescription of the following assistive technology:

• Manual wheelchairs
• Powered wheelchairs
• Scooters
• Strollers
• Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO’s)
• Foot orthotics
• Standing frames
• Walkers
• Shoes
• Seating systems
• Night time positioning systems
• Alternative seating
• Recreational equipment e.g., Modified bikes/ trikes