Spectrum Speech Pathology Services

Communication is a basic human right. This means that each and every person, no matter what their individual circumstances, should be supported to develop the skills and confidence to: 

  • Interact socially and build meaningful relationships 
  • To request and reject  
  • Understand and be understood by others 
  • Express feelings, thoughts and preferences 
  • To be offered opportunities and have choice about who they are, how they live, where they explore and adventure 
  • Access aids, services and supports  
  • Be communicated with in a dignified manner free of prejudice  
  • Learn

Communication success will look different to everybody based on what their individual goals are, whether this be to develop and maintain friendships, participate and achieve in school, to find and maintain employment or to be assertive and understood. Communication is a delicate area and each person’s journey is different and will involve a variety of people from their life and within varied environments. An individual approach to communication is required to achieve success.  

Spectrum Speech Pathology is dedicated to support you and/or your child to communicate what you want, when you want, where you want and how you want.  

How is this achieved? 

Firstly, ASSESSMENT (and collaboration with varied disciplines if required), to explore and understand your individual skills with the following: 

  • Speech – how you talk 
  • Receptive Language– what you understand 
  • Expressive Language- how you put thoughts and feelings into words so that you are understood by others 
  • Social language (pragmatics) 
  • Play – how and why you interact 
  • Functional literacy  

GOAL SETTING – what is meaningful to you based on your experiences, aspirations and needs? 

INTERVENTION – practicing skills in appropriate contexts/environments to help you achieve outcomes, so that you can achieve your goals. These interventions can include but are not limited to:  

  • Development of milestones 
  • School participation 
  • Social communication and participation 
  • Sensory processing 
  • Emotional coping and regulation 
  • Transitions 
  • Total communication 
  • Positive behaviour support 
  • Caregiver and teacher education 
  • Trialling and prescription of assistive technology (including funding applications) 
  • Speech and language (expressive and receptive) 

REFLECTION & REVIEW – what is working? what might not be working? and what steps come next… 

Spectrum Speech Pathology looks forward to supporting you and your significant others to achieve communication success.